Cost-effective proofreading and editing services from an experienced provider

In any language, you only get one chance to make a first impression. At Shamrock Translations, we have many years’ experience in providing professional proofreading and editing services in every language for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

With our help, you can eliminate tiny errors and typos or completely restructure pieces of content or text – whatever your project requires. As a translation service provider, our services are tailored to meet your needs and we provide proofreading services for all your document requirements. From business communications and technical writing to legal, medical and more, you are in safe hands with Shamrock Translations.


Sometimes, you need a second pair of eyes to review your document, particularly if you have invested a significant amount of time on the project. From structure assessment to style and language, our editing service can offer you so much. And we can save you so much time. You can focus on your core business tasks and we can look after editing your documents. Editing is a very specific service and our fast turnaround can give you both the expertise and the efficiency you need.


Whatever the type of document you need to work on, proofreading is vital to the success of your project. Our team of professional proofreaders and linguists will take your marketing materials, scientific reports and documents of any type and ensure all small errors or typos are absolutely eliminated. Our proofreaders will bring a fresh pair of eyes to your project and we can often pick up small details original writers may have missed. After committing so much time and energy into your initial document, it is vital you go that extra mile and bring a professional proofer on-board and ensure your document meets its potential

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