Legal & Business

From working with legal firms and patent lawyers to liaising with legal departments in large organisations, we have provided specialist translating and interpreting solutions to companies and organisations of all sizes. We also work closely with many service providers in the financial sector and corporate world. If you need an experienced, flexible partner, you are in safe hands with Shamrock Translations.

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We have long-term working relationships with many of Ireland’s largest public sector organisations including the HSE, An Garda Síochána and many more. Our clear track-record in providing translation and interpreting solutions in many languages, but particularly Irish, illustrates our status as one of the leading translation providers in Ireland today.

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Technology & Software

Developments in technology have resulted in some industries requiring very specialist translation services. With immediate access to worldwide markets, translation and localization play a vital role in technology and software sectors. Our proven track record in completing large-scale software localization projects, allied to our network of subject matter experts means we can offer you a superior translation and interpreting service.

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Technical & Engineering

We have the edge on our competitors in many sectors and our experience and knowledge in technical and engineering industries is unmatched. We understand that just one tiny mistake or inaccurate translation can have devastating consequences in a health and safety context. Our in-house knowledge combined with our ability to source proven subject matter experts allows us to give you a first-class transition and interpreting service designed to meet your needs.

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Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have offices all over the world and internal clear and precise communications has never been more important. We understand the stringent regulatory and legal frameworks of the industry. And we work hard to guarantee you and your team accurate solutions and provide highly-tailored translation and interpreting solutions for companies’ right across the sector.

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At Shamrock Translations, we have developed strong working relationships with companies of all sizes in the marketing services sector. From web content and digital agencies to traditional advertising agencies and design consultants, we have delivered bespoke translation and interpreting solutions for marketing specialists of all backgrounds.

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