Technology & Software Localization Expertise

At Shamrock Translations, we have a proven track record in delivering translation and interpreting services for technology companies and software providers and specialise in large-scale localization projects. Ensuring software users all over the world enjoy the same user-experience in every language is crucial.

We understand that companies in this sector work in a global context and the rollout of major software projects must be considered in this global or multilingual environment. Combining first-class subject matter experts and linguists with solid project management expertise, we’ll provide you with a premium translation and interpreting service.

Quality subject matter experts

By using our extended network of subject matter experts from all over the world, we will provide only experienced professionals on your project. At Shamrock Translations, we know that technology and localization subject matter experts need to be comfortable working with the technology but must also understand the context in which the software is being used. Localising financial software requires an understanding of the role the software plays. Similarly, medical and scientific applications require localizations professionals to know where it is being used and for what task or purpose.

Software localisation expertise

For your localization project, we use a proven three-step process and combine best-in-class methodology and the most advanced localization technologies so that your software is ready for a global audience. Initially, we focus on design and put measures in place, emphasising functionality. Then we localize all text within the software before finishing with our build completion-and-testing phase. Scoping, managing and delivering large-scale software localization projects require distinct skills and resources. Our proven track record in software localization speaks for itself and in Shamrock Translations, you have a trusted and experienced translation partner.

Cost-effective machine translation

If you have high volumes of text, or text with extremely fast turnaround requirements, or indeed both, we can provide machine translation as a cost-effective option. Applied individually, it cannot give you the same level of quality as a human translator. But we have the ability and knowledge to combine machine translation with experienced multilinguists and give you a custom-built translation service. By developing glossaries, applying OCR technology and using other techniques and methodologies, we’ll ensure machine translation is tailored to meet your needs.

Customized interpreting services

By nature, technology and software providers often enjoy access to a global market more than other sectors. If you require interpreting services to investigate market opportunities, negotiate partnerships or conduct sales and marketing calls or visits, we can help. With our combination of subject matter experts, all working in their mother tongue and our own understanding of the needs of the sector, we have designed a purpose-built interpreting service for the technology sector. We have delivered linguistic support in many situations and contexts including video conference calls, telephone interpreting, site visits, conferences and much more. And we can do the same for your business.

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