Technical & Engineering Translation and Interpreting services

Content and documents that require translation in technical or engineering sectors require absolute precision and accuracy. A poorly translated piece can result in an inaccurate specification or worse, and the consequences can be very significant. If you need a translation partner you can depend on, we can provide you with the service and expertise you need.

Ireland has long been a hub for specialist engineering firms and for many years, small Irish companies have exported solutions all over the world in all several technical disciplines. We understand that technical and engineering translation and interpreting services require the right combination of subject matter expertise coupled with proven project management skills. This is particularly the case when it comes to large-scale projects with large volumes of technical data like handbooks and user guides which may require regular updates.

Genuine subject matter expertise

Our extensive team of subject matter experts from across the world are sourced and managed by our core team based in Dublin. Our management team have university educations in several technical and scientific disciplines, including architecture, veterinary medicine and computer science.
With advanced technical degrees and industry expertise specific to your needs, we can provide customized certified technical translation services in all the major Asian, European, African, American and Middle Eastern languages. At Shamrock Translations, we are committed to the highest standards and expect to complete our ISO certification in 2016.

Extensive Document translation

An experienced translation partner is a real asset for a technical or engineering company. The sheer scale of documents that requires translation can be daunting. From technical specifications and drawings to construction plans, precisely drafted diagrams must be complemented up by accurate translation. Installation manuals, user guides, software upgrade reports and more can often be very large documents that require translation into several languages. As an experienced translation partner, we can sit down with you and plan your requirements and schedule in advance. This means no last minute rushes, or deadline dashes. A continuous, developing partnership ensures your translation needs are met with quality and accuracy.

Engineering Expertise

What sets us apart from our competitors is our attention-to-detail. We understand that engineering is a vast, multi-faceted sector that requires subject matter expertise across several distinct disciplines. Chemical, mechanical, civil and process engineering all requires different knowledge sets and understanding and we only provide engineering translators and interpreters with real expertise and knowledge.

Technical Interpreting

When operating machinery or working with new technical processes, know-how and the ability to train, coach and advise new employees is crucial. We provide a customised interpreting service for engineering workshops and technical sites. With qualified specialists from cultures all over the world working in our local industries, we can provide your business with a practical interpreting solution which will ensure your new staff are up to speed – safely and quickly. We can also offer you interpreters for site visits, conference calls, sales meetings and much more. And all our interpreters will be working in their mother tongue and will also be subject matter experts.

Health & Safety

We understand that Health and Safety now plays a key organisational role in workplaces right across the world. From safety statements and signage to policy and workshops materials, we can provide you with a complete translation service to handle all your workplace health and safety needs. When it is the safety of your employees and customers at stake, accurate and practical translation is simply vital. We can assess your needs in line with relevant legislation and can even include site visits to engineering and manufacturing sites if required.

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