Voiceover selection and production services

Providing the right voice for the right product or service marketing-audio messages can make such a difference. At Shamrock Translations, we have substantial expertise in selecting the right voice to ensure your brand or business is represented as you require. From TV commercials and explainer videos to YouTube videos, we’ll find and produce the perfect voice-over to engage with your audience.

Hearing the right marketing message in a language that is your own or one that you understand will inform and engage you, making a genuine and clear connection.

The right voice

Every marketing project starts with creating the buyer persona. In order to sell a product or service, we need to understand who might buy our product, why they buy it and what difference does it make in their everyday lives. We will sit down with you and using carefully set-up auditions, help you choose the best voice based on the language you require. We’ll help you decide on issues like gender, age, style, language, accent or dialect. By finding the perfect vocal actor for your video, radio ad or presentation, we‘ll help you connect with your target audience with confidence and conviction.

Script writing

Now that you have chosen the best voice-over artist or actor, we’ll help you focus more on your script. Our translator will carefully translate your existing message and as subject matter experts, they will apply all their experience in ensuring your message gets through with clarity and precision. Our copywriters can then take this translation and draft a script in the local language that will connect with your target audience.

Project management and production

If you have never engaged a voiceover artist or actor before for a commercial project, it can feel like a daunting project. We’ll look after all the practical elements of the process for you, ensuring you are left with a finished, professional, final version. From choosing the best voice to preparing the script, we supply all the elements you need for a successful project. We’ll also look after any recording studio or sound requirements you may require.

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