Professional transcription services

With the rise in digital media, there is a larger volume of content that requires capturing or translating. If you have audio content that you wish to convert to text, our transcription services can give you the service you need.
We have several years’ experience providing the highest level of transcription services to companies and organisations of all sizes. From videos and podcasts to interviews, meetings and more, we can take any audio and convert it to text and we can also translate that text into any language you require.

What is Transcription work?

Essentially, transcription involves the conversion of an audio feed to text. For multimedia projects, transcription can play a vital role. Once your text is transcribed, you can choose to caption it directly which can enable the hearing-impaired or people who do not understand the original audio feed’s spoken version of the language. Many others simply prefer to read subtitles in the source language to understand the audio stream. Alternatively, this transcription can then be used for any number of applications.

Our process

At Shamrock Translations, we have developed a robust process to give our transcription service a solid structure. Initially, when we take dialogue from audio recordings into another language, we assign native linguists to transcribe the text in the original language. Then, we engage a second team of native speakers of the target language to translate the text. By taking this two-phase transcription/translation process, we can give you a higher-quality solution.

Transcription of interview content

One-to-one interviews can hold very valuable content. We offer a complete interview transcription service where we take audio from a variety of interview contexts and provide full text versions. From market research and legal to media and business, we’ll ensure you get the complete picture of all issues covered in the interview.

Transcription of focus groups and meetings

Market research has never played a more important role in business and marketing. Our team of experienced transcribers can accurately transcribe focus groups providing complete text versions of all content covered. This ensures you have a hard copy of all findings which can aid further analysis and examination. Focus groups and business meetings also typically involve many people speaking at the same time and only professional transcribers can isolate and record individuals successfully, while also identifying each speaker in the transcript.

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