Full range of Interpreting Services

At Shamrock Translations, we can provide you with a complete range of interpreting services. In every sector and for companies of all sizes, we can give you professionally qualified interpreters who all work in their mother tongue and are subject matter experts in the industry or topic they are working on.

Different situations require different solutions and based on facilities, time restraints, number of people involved, we will deliver a complete interpreting service that is customised to your needs.

Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive Interpreting is also known as face-to-face interpreting and is particularly suitable in specific situations. For small business conferences, key meetings or pitches, this technique will give you the degree of personalisation required. Our linguists start translating directly after the original speaker has stopped speaking, perhaps after each sentence or a number of connected sentences. This gives our interpreter the time to analyse the message and relate a high quality account of the original discourse.

Simultaneous Interpreting

International conferences attract delegates from all over the world and all speaking a range of languages. They must communicate and connect with their delegates and attendees in order to listen to lectures, attend workshops, network and more. While we focus n providing very experienced and skilled linguists and interpreters, we also offer more than just delivering a language solution. We are on hand to discuss AV requirements and ensure you have enough knowledge of and access to the right technical infrastructure. Shamrock Translations will work closely with you before and during your event to ensure your conference interpreting needs are met.

Community Interpreting Services

At Shamrock Translations, we have substantial experience in this complex area. Through our work with many government departments, we have developed clear expertise in communicating with many smaller cultural and linguistic communities now living here. It is crucial that your public body or business has the capability to communicate with every single person who speaks any one of these new languages being spoken in Ireland.. At Shamrock Translation, we have found that choosing the best interpreter for any community interpreting assignment is not only about language – it is about matching the linguist with both the experience and knowledge required.

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